Jiangmen Ruikun Industrial Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of button production experience, with the ability to develop products independently. The main products are: copper buttons, zinc alloy products, plastic rope buttons, luggage buttons and other clothing accessories. Our company has advanced equipment and excellent technology. We always adhere to the service tenet of "customer first, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service. We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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Ruikun has excellent full-automatic production equipment, which ensures the safety, stability and accuracy of the products; improves the production standards and ensures the quality
Specializing in the production of various buttons, after years of development, we have a number of front-line production personnel and technical team with many years of research experience
Senior technical personnel shall guarantee quality and quantity, reasonably arrange production cycle and accurate delivery time; professional after-sales staff shall answer customers' doubts online
The main products are: copper buttons, zinc alloy products, plastic rope buttons, luggage buttons and other clothing accessories; there are many kinds of products, you can choose



Jiangmen button factory teaches you how to distinguish and judge the material of button


Jiangmen button factory gives you a bunch of buttons with different colors and styles. How to distinguish and judge what button materials are made of? Jiangmen button factory is here to share and solve this problem for you.Button materials can be roughly divided into plastic (resin, plastic), metal button (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo). Various materials to mak

  • People call buttons the "eyes" of clothing, which is reasonable. Experienced fashion designers, while designing various kinds of clothing, attach great importance to the selection of clothing "eyes".Buttons should be in harmony with clothing style, material quality and color. The simple and generous bakelite buttons are suitable for all kinds of uniforms and work clothes. The pearlescent glass

  • Inspection requirements and standards:1. Control sample or confirmation sample. Check whether the color and model are consistent with the sample;2. There should be no crack, notch, uneven and obvious scratch on the surface of button;3. There is no crack or blister on the surface and back, and there is no rotten edge and uneven thickness;4. The pattern should be free from obvious deformation, white

  • 1. If you hit the jeans, you can pull them apart with a little force. The nails and buttons are not tightIf it is a rubber core I-button, it has something to do with the rubber core of the I-shaped buckle. If the plastic core is used as the rubber core, it will not be able to bear the pressure from the nail, and it will be squeezed out. So we pull it hard and it falls. And with good plastic - new

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